The Beauty House

Since 2010 they united, like links in a chain, created and maintained with much love and effort this area by improving and updating their services to new releases.


Our History

The beauty house was started by a group of women working together serving the beauty for 10 years until they took their fate in their hands .... In a recently renovated environment can guide you in the world of beauty and get us an unforgettable experience ....

Skin Care

Secured regeneration, elasticity and radiance to the skin of the face without your relaxation and aging signs.

Beauty Care

Cleaning is a classical aesthetic treatment which is necessary for all skin types, for men and women and for all ages.


Body Care

If you want extra moisture to your skin and looking for a distinctive sparkle to your feet when you wear short dresses, we have the solution!


We care about your body and your well-being

Beautiful body, Healthy You

Happy Clients

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